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The Cybersecurity Training and Awareness (CTA) team provides training and guidance to the university community on how to protect against cybersecurity threats. The team manages required and optional training programs for university faculty, staff, and students. Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving. The team helps the university community to addresses the risks of operating in our evolving digital reality. 

Training Opportunities

Quarterly training for faculty and staff via the Proofpoint portal helps to keep cybersecurity top of mind. Small, targeted, timely subject matter​ modules that can be accomplished in 20 minutes focus on practical knowledge that can be applied in work and personal situations. 

Additional training opportunities are available for those who want to delve deeper into a subject. To take an optional training now, visit the cybersecurity training portal

Reach Our Team

Please contact with any feedback or questions about cybersecurity training. 

Team Members

  • Sandra Thompson, Assistant Director
  • Sandy Bone, Cyberseciurity Training Specialist
  • Isaac Galvan, Lead Cybersecurity Training Specialist
  • Cynthia McKendall, Senior Cybersecurity Training Specialist