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Identity & Access Management (IAM) provides appropriate access to univeristy resources.

Our staff can facilitate collaboration within the University of Illinois and with other organizations. This helps you protect personal privacy, information belonging to you, and university data.

  • Identity management connects you with your online identity at the University of Illinois.
  • Access management lets you in to the university systems that you may use—and keeps out those who are not eligible.

Team Members

  • Jeff Domeyer, Assistant Director
  • Shimur Ahmed, IAM Specialist
  • Erik Coleman, IAM Architect
  • Devin Gengelbach, Lead IAM Specialist
  • Jon Gillen, Senior IAM Specialist
  • Josh Grier, Senior IAM Specialist
  • Erica Ohman, IAM Specialist
  • Beth Vanichtheeranont, Senior IAM Specialist
  • Keith Wessel, Principal IAM Specialist