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Our team is the point of contact for all things cybersecurity related. If we don’t know the answer, we will get it to the right people or work with you to find it. 

We build and support tools, processes, and abilities that enhance the overall cybersecurity of the University and its constituents. We work with the Privacy & Cybersecurity Team, Technology Services, and the broader campus community. 

To Provide Campus Support We:

  • Advise researchers on technical solutions to meet their compliance obligations 

  • Maintain articles, security tools, and technical solutions for IT Pros to help meet the security standards 

  • Facilitate and participate in outreach and training to improve the campus security posture and individual’s overall knowledge of security best practices 

To Offer Technology Services Support We:

  • Are trusted partners and advisors on major projects 

  • Embed cybersecurity engineers to continuously improve the security posture of core services 

  • Advise on technical decisions aroundrelating to security best practices  

  • Report on the security status of the campus and the security tools being used 

To Offer Privacy & Cybersecurity Office Support We:

  • Build, implement, and support tools for the CSOC 

  • Maintain the platforms that SecDev code runs on 

  • Consult GRC and other stakeholders on the technical aspects of risk mitigation strategies  

  • Support the training and awareness team in technical accuracy and best practices 

  • Partner with Identity and Access Management to meet shared goals 

  • Work with the Privacy team to advise and implement technical privacy controls 

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Team Members

  • Taylor Judd, Acting Associate Director Information Security
  • Stephen Aldridge, Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Mark Baumgartner, Senior Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Tamara Buch, Senior Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Katie Lackermann, Lead Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Andrew Petsche, Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Glen Shere, Lead Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Ashley Valentijn, Senior Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Mark Wenneborg, Lead Cybersecurity Engineer