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Cybersecurity Software Development and Assurance helps developers prepare code with a security posture in mind.

We help development teams associated with the University of Illinois fulfill their responsibility to comply with Illinois Cybersecurity standards.

Reach Our Team

Email for answers to these questions and more.

  • How can I be sure I am using best practices for Compliant Software Development? 
  • I think my software is vulnerable, what should I do?

Developers can also keep up with job aids from our team here:

Team Members

  • Chuck Geigner, Associate Director of Information Security
  • Ed Delaporte, Cybersecurity Software Development & Assuance Manager
  • Zachary Carrington, Senior Cybersecurity Engineer & Software Developer
  • Michelle Pitcel, Lead  Cybersecurity Engineer & Software Developer
  • David Riddle, Senior Cybersecurity Engineer & Software Developer
  • Tyler Turner, Cybersecurity Engineer and Software Developer