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Cybersecurity Awareness Month October 2022: See Yourself in Cybersecurity

We all play a role in each day in our own security. We put on a seatbelt or lock a door. We play a similar role in our digital and online security: we can take actions that improve it and reduce risks.

This October we encourage you to take steps that raise your awareness of cybersecurity in all your roles at the university and beyond. We're focusing on Phishing: how to identify it, report it, and protect yourself against it.

Week One: Take a Live Training

Phishing can be so convincing you don't know you are affected
Phishing attacks can be quite convincing. You can fall victim more easily than you think.

Become a better phishing detector and learn to evade these schemes at our live training events. Cybersecurity Training and Awareness Team staff members will take you through phishing training and lead interactive discussion via Zoom. Participants get credit for completing this quarter's required cybersecurity training and will be entered to win prizes. Dive deeper into our training topic and better protect yourself and your data. Follow the links below to participate in the session of your choice. Advance registration is required.

Week Two: Meet Some Cybersecurity Superstars

42 percent of people report phishing emails
Look for clues that a message is scammy or phishy.

This week we are profiling University of Illinois staff and faculty and their connection with cybersecurity.

Week Three: Reddit AMA

October 19, 2022 Ask Me Anything
Learn more about career paths in cybersecurity from our team members at the AMA on Oct 19.

Our celebration of Cybersecurity Awareness Month continues. Join members of the Identity, Privacy, and Cybersecurity Team at Technology Services for an Ask Me Anything. Panelists will be on hand to answer questions about university cybersecurity and share some varied and interesting individual paths taken to successful work in the cybersecurity field. (No cookie cutter careers here.) Join us on the University of Illinois Subreddit.
See posted questions and answers..

Week Four: Phish Market Fun

Phishing is the most common cause of data breaches. Learn to spot them and not get hooked at the Phish Market.
Phishing is the most common cause of data breaches.

Can you spot the phish before you get hooked? You'll learn ways to avoid phishing when you try your luck at carnival games, take a "phish" selfie, and play some virtual games online at 22 and 52 minutes past each hour. 

Cybersecurity Tips

Prioritize device security

  • Update to the most recent versions of Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android operating systems on all your devices.
  • Use multi-factor authentication for all accounts. (The University's version is Duo 2FA)
  • Make sure your anti-virus software is updated.

Avoid easily guessed passwords

  • Create a strong and unique password of at least 12 characters.

Double check the source

  • Don’t click on unknown links within emails or websites.

Take Action

October Cybersecurity Training

  • Learn more about phishing at

    Training is available to everyone on the Illinois campus by logging in with your NetID and password. Take as many optional trainings as you wish.

NEW for students!
Update your anti-virus protection

Learn more about Cybersecurity Awareness Month at the National Cybersecurity Alliance website: .