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The university collects a wide range of data for a variety of reasons. 

The tools and protections in place at the university are a result of national and state law and university policy, as well as best practices. Laws and policies dictate allowable levels of data access and sharing.

High Risk Data

• Personal health information
• Student health information
• Credit card information
• Banking information
• Information subject to export control laws
• Social Security Number
• Drivers License Number
• Government Classified
• Password, encryption, or authentication codes

Sensitive Data

• Student records
• Employee personal information (such as home address)
• Information covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
• Network & System Diagrams and Configuration Documents

Internal Data

• Unpublished research data
• Intellectual property
• Preliminary drafts/notes that express opinions or formulate policies or actions
• Other data not listed above that is exempt from disclosure under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act

Public Data

This is data with no restrictions and available for public use. Examples include general pay range for position openings, work phone numbers or email addresses. 

More information about these definitions can be found in this knowledge base article