2023 Haiku Contest

We asked for original haiku poems that helps the university community understand phishing or other cybersecurity topics.
Here are this year’s top submissions from more than 70 entries.


Like the butterflies
before your very first kiss,
The wait for Duo.

Christopher Hannauer

Wow, I won a prize?!
It seems too good to be true.
Wait… prize is spelled wrong.

Alexus Hasler

This haiku contest
It isn’t a scam, is it?
Submit anyway

Clete Rooney

Messages that trick
Phishing nets spread wide and thick
Pause, think, then handpick

Cameron Schwing
*AI assisted or generated submission.

Honorable Mentions

Are your forms secure
Do you sanitize input
try’); DROP TABLE *;

John Wolff

mail cicadas screech
of fears pressing mouse action—
still, withhold your click

Katherine Koch

Kitten moustache girl
Eight symbol three symbol nine
Now change your password.

Beth Eves

Illini, beware.
Emails crafty, snares they lay,
Cyber threats we share.

Juan Campolargo Hoyos

Vast enticing Web
Weaving sticky spreading Threads
Strike! A Spider feeds

David Barkley

Click bait news article
Oh, you seductive temptress
Alas, I resist

Click bait news article
Oh, you seductive temptress
You win this time. Click!
Faith Thrun