Cybersecurity Improvement Initiative 

Reducing risk to university devices and data

Technology Services and our campus IT partners are embarking on a multi-year effort to increase protection for our people, resources, and data. Through endpoint management enrollment and security incident detection software (CrowdStrike), we will set a baseline secure standard on university owned systems and enhance overall security.   

The team will work closely with each unit’s IT leadership and staff to create an individualized implementation plan that incorporates unit specific challenges. We will strive to ensure that the resources needed for success are available.

Why is this needed now?

Cyberattacks against higher education are growing increasingly sophisticated and federal and state agencies require us to meet stricter compliance targets. We must elevate our cybersecurity practices through endpoint management and CrowdStrike, which will provide:  

  • Visibility into the state and nature of systems on our network 
  • Better vulnerability management through prompt updates 
  • Robust protection against ransomware, malware and other attacks that can lead to costly and time-consuming data loss 
  • Streamlined required auditing

Granting agencies, especially governments, expect grantees to demonstrate the highest cybersecurity standards. Universities with less network visibility are at a disadvantage in the grant funding landscape and remain at greater risk of data loss or theft and data breaches.  

When will this take place?

The first phase begins in fall 2023 with communications, gathering feedback from stakeholders, and implementing a pilot that will become a model for future unit engagements. Any unit interested in being added to the list early in the effort is encouraged to contact

Full implementation is expected to take two to three years.

How will my unit know when it is our turn?

Technology Services endpoint management and cybersecurity professionals will collaborate with unit leaders and IT Professionals on a specific implementation plan that meets staffing and budget needs. Your unit leadership will provide notice to staff regarding staffing, expectations, and timelines as your unit comes up for installation.