About Us

The Identity, Privacy & Cybersecurity Team at Illinois is your partner in navigating identity and access management, privacy and cybersecurity, and aligning with university needs. Team members provide both emergency and non-emergency support for cybersecurity issues for the Illinois and UIS campuses.

What we do

Respond to cybersecurity threats

  • Deploy countermeasures against known and active threats
  • Use data to pinpoint areas of risk

Provide solutions in partnership with campus

  • Help IT Professionals support their units with an eye on cybersecurity best practices
  • Help Business and HR units with compliance review and reporting
  • Help Researchers navigate the identity, privacy, and cybersecurity pieces of research

Help campus understand data classification and information risk

  • Review agreements and contracts with third party vendors to ensure alignment with university privacy and security requirements
  • Provide risk consultation for units

Safeguard privacy

  • Create privacy best practices that reflect university values and ethical standards, and that meet legal requirements
  • Provide tools to understand your personal data: how its collected, used, stored, shared
  • Help campus units protect the privacy of individuals as they pursue educational, research, and business goals

Develop, deploy, evaluate code

  • Create code for applications with security “baked in”, allowing for added protections
  • Review code provided by developers to offer fixes or upgrades that enhance security and/or privacy
  • Share best practices and educating the developer community about security-first coding options

Reduce vulnerability and exposure

  • Provide tools for university leaders to gain greater understanding of cybersecurity threats
  • Lead efforts to educate university IT Professionals about cybersecurity and sharing knowledge
  • Maintain applications and services that protect university assets from cyberthreats

Train the campus community about cybersecurity

  • Provide staff with engaging training about cybersecurity topics to better protect university resources
  • Offer specialized training for groups and units to address specific cybersecurity and privacy issues
  • Educate students, faculty, and staff through outreach and information efforts

Provide appropriate access to university resources and data

  • Provide individual access to data and to systems based on roles and on educational and business needs