Identity & Access Management Team

Identity & Access Management (IAM) provides appropriate access to university resources.

Our staff can facilitate collaboration within the University of Illinois and with other organizations. This helps you protect personal privacy, information belonging to you, and university data.

  • We provide support with technical integrations to centralized identity and access management, authentication, and authorization services at UIUC.
  • We share best practices, guidelines, and recommendations to help the university interact with IAM processes.
  • We support primarily UIUC and University of Illinois System users and we work collaboratively across UIS and UIC IAM teams for cohesive communication in identity. 
  • Identity management connects you with your online identity at the University of Illinois.
  • Access management lets you in to the university systems that you may useā€”and keeps out those who are not eligible.

How We Help

  • Identity creation and questions around changes to your NetID, as well as sponsored and/or affiliated NetID support
  • Credential storage and support of your SSL certificates through InCommon (Sectigo)
  • Authentication and authorization and questions around Authman, AD, and AzureAD
  • Single Sign On (SSO) application integration and how you can integrate departmental applications with the campus SSO solution

Contact for assistance with these concerns.

Requests sent to IAM will be assigned within three business days of arrival. Most replies will be sent within 10 business days. Work requests, extended consultation requests, escalations, project resource requests, and nonstandard requests require longer.