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Ways we help

We help IT Professionals by providing the best security controls possible and by meeting increasingly challenging policy, granting agency, and regulatory requirements. We can provide advice regarding requirements to plan for, buy, or build technology solutions that perform well and set up your customers for success.

Identity, Privacy, and Cybersecurity teams are available to help University of Illinois IT Pros maintain the highest standards of privacy and cybersecurity as you manage, systems, networks, software, and customer needs.

Urgent/Critical Cybersecurity Event Monitoring and Response (

  • Incident intake, triage, validation, and response
  • Vulnerability/exposure intake, triage, validation, and response
  • Threat intake, triage, validation, and response  (response can include situation containment, mitigation, and critical consultation)
  • As-needed emergent engagement with leadership enacted when administrative process is required due to standing requirements, commitments, laws, policies, or procedures.
  • Continual monitoring, scanning, intelligence gathering, and network interrogation techniques to be employed for the purpose of detecting cybersecurity vulnerabilities, threats, exposures, breaches, anomalous activity, risks borne from noncompliance, cybersecurity incidents, misconfigurations, or other activities and conditions that may contribute to risk. 
  • Notification provided to owners of record after mitigation actions are taken, as soon as is practical. A best-effort process will be employed to contact security liaisons and/or stewards. Process assumes contacts are registered and findable in the CDB, Security Liaisons registry, or otherwise immediately identifiable using established university enterprise constructs.

Consulting Services

Cybersecurity consulting (

  • Non-emergency consultation requests
  • Cybersecurity planning
  • Security policy support
  • Compliance guidance
  • Security engineering requests
  • Feedback gathering
  • Tools maintenance,
  • Cybersecurity resource support

Privacy Consulting (

  • Customer Service Requests/ General Inquiries
  • Requesting a new privacy service, project, or capability
  • Privacy Consultations
  • New purchase / third party product or service reviews
  • Compliance-related questions
  • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Reporting a possible data incident
  • Other privacy concerns

Identity and Access consulting (

  • Identity creation and questions around changes to your NetID, as well as sponsored and/or affiliated NetID support
  • Credential storage and support of your SSL certificates through InCommon (Sectigo)
  • Authentication and authorization and questions around Authman, AD, and AzureAD
  • Single Sign On (SSO) application integration and how you can integrate departmental applications with the campus SSO solution

Job Aids, Tools and Services, and Cybersecurity Training

We provide resources to help IT Professionals with cybersecurity related functions.


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Securing Email

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