Nuts and Bolts Talks

IT Pros and other invited guests share expertise, background, or demonstrations on a regular basis with the members of the Cybersecurity and Privacy staff. We are making available certain topics of interest more broadly to the campus IT community.

26-September-2023High-level discussion of Nightingale and the Advanced Computing Health Enclave – for a general audienceRecording, TranscriptD Fein
C Grigorescu
8-August-2023Application Development for Splunk SOARRecording, TranscriptE Delaporte
D Riddle
D Federschmidt
15-August-2023Integration testing with Robot Framework demonstrationRecording, Transcript, Slides, KB articleE Delaporte
M Pitcel
25-July-2023PGP demonstrationRecording, Transcript, Slides, Mailvelope plugin, Use caseR Donovan
11-July-2023Hoppscotch (formerly Postman) demonstrationRecording, TranscriptE Delaporte
Z Carrington
13-June-2023Accessibility: What You Should KnowRecording, Transcript, SlidesC McKendall
9-May-2023All things Help DeskRecording, Transcript, SlidesJ Sturner
R Sharpe
2-May-2023Scrum overview: An Agile MethodologyRecording, Transcript, SlidesJ Campbell
7-March-2023EDUCAUSE Membership: Identity, Privacy, and Cybersecurity EditionRecording, Transcript, SlidesA Valentijn
10-January-2023Applying CIS security benchmarks using Powershell DSCRecording, GitHub Repository, DSC overview, CIS workbenchT Buch
13-December-2022The Nuts and Bolts of Diversity: Understanding and addressing our biasesRecording, TranscriptK Abdullah-Span
16-August-2022Git internals and rebase demoRecording, Transcript, Slides, GitHubA Loftus