A strong, well-protected password is one of the most crucial components of computer security. Strong passwords not only protect your machine from unauthorized access, but also protects your data within and across websites you use.

Strong passwords are a strong defense

It is important to have a series of strong passwords and to avoid using the same password on more than one account (i.e. don’t use the same password for your Facebook and bank accounts). Technology Services strongly recommends using a password management tool, both to help you store your passwords and also to assist in creating strong passwords. Read more:

Protect your password

  • Don’t write down your password.
  • Don’t share your password with anyone else in person, by email, or online. It’s against campus policy to let anyone else know your password. IT staff will never ask you for your password, particularly by email.
  • Don’t share the answers to your password reset questions with anyone.
  • Don’t reuse passwords that you use for highly sensitive accounts such as your email, your bank account, your credit cards, or your University of Illinois account.
  • Don’t post your password or the answers to your password reset questions on publicly viewable web sites, blogs, surveys, or social media profiles.
  • Don’t post the answers to your password reset questions in any public settings. This includes pictures of your pet if your pet’s name is your reset question.

If you need to change your password or NetID, visit

Multi-factor authentication = Passwords Plus

Technology Services has implemented two-factor authentication to further secure some University-related accounts. Two-factor authentication provides added security as it requires the customer to have a second device (typically a phone) available to confirm the identity of the person attempting to log in.