Privacy Team

Technology Services’ privacy team has the unique opportunity to enable, facilitate and advise University stakeholders on privacy principles and data engineering practices that create greater transparency and trust.

  • We create greater opportunity for individual participation in the awareness and understanding for individuals in the management of their personal information, such as consent.
  • We create high level awareness of potential moral, ethical and legal considerations when personal information is used.
  • We partner with various compliance officers, counsel, and others to create a single point of contact for matters related to privacy.
  • We work with data stewards, governance, and data authorities to inform and advise in their data use decisions.
  • We create awareness of privacy considerations for units and University stakeholders and connect individuals to appropriate compliance and legal advisers to aide their ability to meet good privacy practices and regulatory compliance. 

Privacy Consulting Services

Our team offers a wide range of services including:  

Privacy Threshold Assessment: Fill out this survey to begin a consultation.

Privacy Impact Questionnaire: Fill out this questionnaire to begin a Privacy Impact Assessment where our team will analyze how Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is handled and make recommendations to reduce privacy risk as well as to promote compliance with applicable regulations. 

Privacy Impact Questionnaire (Research): Fill out this questionnaire for the Privacy Office to answer questions about your research project. We advise on reidentification risk, data minimization and other privacy principles in research protocols to protect participants’ privacy. 

Learn more about Privacy Impact Assessments.

Privacy Vision

Create a culture that enables the University’s mission, facilitating student success, our academic programs, and facilitating innovation and expanded research opportunities through privacy principled data strategy.  

Privacy Mission

Create a culture of human-centered use of the data the University has stewardship for by creating awareness and understanding of individual and unit obligations to protect personal information about individuals entrusted to the University.  

Privacy Goals

  1. Promote a culture of transparency when personal information is collected, processed, or stored. 
  2. Engage partners in data design and engineering programs and projects to create awareness and opportunities to incorporate privacy engineering and Privacy By Design (PbD) capabilities and principles, improving trust, transparency, and consent opportunities for individual participants.  
  3.  Assist units in reducing their potential compliance risk through understanding and awareness of Privacy By Design practices. 
  4.  Initiate and facilitate activities to promote data privacy awareness.  
  5.  Facilitate and support unit’s responsibilities. 
  6.  Enable data innovation, data use and new project initiatives in a privacy-principles and ethical manner. 
  7.  Act on all privacy inquiries, incorporating and maturing our privacy program and University Privacy Policy.  
  8.  Advise on practices and steps units should take to implement/improve their privacy practices and refer individuals to appropriate experts for compliance matters and advice. 
  9.  Maintain general awareness and understanding of applicable privacy laws. 
  10.  Serve as Information Privacy Consultant to the University. 

Contact the Privacy Team

Contact us at when seeking advice to create/collect new Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or whenever you use existing PII in a new way. 

Privacy Team Members

  • Sheena Bishop, Senior Privacy Analyst 
  • Stephen Collette, Privacy Operations Manager 
  • Mendi Drayton, Senior Data Breach and Incident Analyst
  • Ece Gumusel, Privacy Analyst
  • Phil Reiter, Associate Director of Privacy