Privacy Principles and Practices

Privacy is a right of every member of our community. It is our duty to uphold the University System Guiding Principles in the design and delivery of all technology services. The respect for individuals and their autonomy must fundamentally guide our decisions while entrusted with the security and privacy of each person’s identity and data.

The university helps protect personal data by aligning with the following privacy principles: 

  1. To help build trust, or “Say what you are going to do and do what you say!” 
  2. To get and manage consent. 
  3. To justify the data collection. 
  4. To limit risk by only collecting what you need (such as de-identifying and anonymizing data). 
  5. To comply with the law. 
  6. Ensure the accuracy of data to maximize usefulness. 
  7. To meet the security standards for data classification. 
  8. To ensure legal and ethical use of personally identifiable information, or PII.