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Duo Mobile Application

Multi-factor authentication is simple with push notification or a one time passcode on the Duo Mobile App

A swipe and a tap and you’re in!

Tapping and swiping is second nature now that smartphones are part of one’s wardrobe. (Wallet, keys, phone) Many of us have our phones in hand or within reach most of our waking lives.

Why not use the power of your phone to make logging in to University of Illinois systems or applications faster and simpler? You can even use Duo Mobile with certain smartwatches and make it even easier. Follow the instructions here to install, set up, and start using the app when you authenticate.

Installing the app

See Installing the Duo Mobile app to get set up.

Registering your device

Once the app is installed on your mobile device, you’ll want to be sure the device is registered with the university.

Activating the device

Follow instructions for activating the device you wish to use.
2FA, Activate Duo Mobile for Your Device (

Setting your preferences

Select how you’d like to receive notifications from Duo to approve them on your phone: Push Notification or One Time Passcodes are the fastest options for users. 2FA - Getting started with Duo (

Using the Duo application

Log in to the university application of your choosing with your NetID and password. You’ll see the following screen for any application that requires multi-factor authentication.