Identity, Privacy, and Cybersecurity


Learn about how personal data is collected, stored, managed, and shared, and the choices you have regarding your data.

Identity and Access

Learn about your different campus roles, and about access to applications, software, and systems at the University of Illinois.


Learn about ways the University of Illinois protects individuals, networks, data, devices, and the role that you play.

Need a Privacy Review?

We can provide free consultative services.

If your university responsibilities include storing, capturing, or processing PII, you could benefit from a Privacy Review. A Privacy Review looks at projects that create or collect new PII or use existing personal information in a new way.


Risk Assessments Make Good Business Sense

If you are unsure who can officially accept certain risks, what the applicable processes look like, who the data stewards for certain data types are, or who the risk holder might be for an existing gap, GRC can help.

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