Data Privacy Week: Managing the Story of You

Data Privacy Week is the perfect time to review the data about you that is shared with others and to make choices about what data is collected and shared.

Your data is the story of you: what you look at online, your health and financial picture, where you go, and much more.

The National Cybersecurity Alliance encourages everyone to think about their data and data privacy during the final week of January. (Jan 22-28, 2023)

Here are some tips from the National Cybersecurity Alliance you can use as you think about your own data during Data Privacy Week.

University of Illinois data tools and protections are a result of national and state law and university policy, as well as best practices. Laws and policies dictate allowable levels of data access and sharing. Find out more about data at the University of Illinois.

Members of the university community who wish to dive in deeper to issues surrounding data privacy are invited to attend the Privacy Everywhere Conference from 9 AM to 3 PM on Friday, January 27. Registration to attend online can be found at this website.

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