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Privacy is a right of every member of our community. It is our duty to uphold the University System Guiding Principles in the design and delivery of all technology services. The respect for individuals and their autonomy must fundamentally guide our decisions while entrusted with the security and privacy of each person’s identity and data. 

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Privacy Rights & Risks

The Privacy Partnership

Privacy is a partnership between the university and the individual. 

The university aims to create greater awareness, transparency, and opportunities for consent and re-consent regarding your data. We also each have a personal responsibility to use best practices to protect our personal data online. 

Informed Choices

Think about the amount of sharing you are comfortable with and make informed choices. 

You have a reasonable expectation of privacy for certain information that you wish to keep private. You may not want to share personal or private details about your health record, finances, purchases, or other information. You should have the choice to reveal, or not reveal, information about yourself and your choices.