If you fear for your or someone else’s safety, call 911. 

Report incidents or other urgent cybersecurity events by sending an email to  

Provide as many relevant details as possible. A member of the Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC) will respond and provide additional next steps.

Lost Password/Reset Password

Compromised Account, Virus/Malware

Other Technology Concerns

217-244-7000 or the UIUC Tech Help Center 

General Campus Cybersecurity Questions

Stolen Electronic Devices

Campus Police 217-333-1216

Other Cybersecurity Concerns

  • Requests sent to the official security queue will be picked up and assigned within three business days of arrival. 
  • Replies to inquiries within 10 business days.  
  • Work requests, extended consultation requests, escalations, project resource requests, or nonstandard requests require longer.