Data Governance

Data Governance and Custodianship  

  • Groups of experts may come together to govern data as a data governance or ethics, privacy board, or institutional review board.  
  • If you are working on a project or service that will require access to data, particularly sensitive or high- risk data, you will need to have an understanding of the policies and terms through which you access data.   
  • Data providers must communicate the terms under which they and you are allowed to use the data, and what limitations exist for use.  

Data Stewardship 

  • Data is often categorized and managed based on the type of data (e.g., student data, health data, research data, operational data). Various types of data may require different practices, especially in terms of privacy, consent, and use. Therefore, an expert or increasingly, a group of experts, will establish policies, guidelines, and evaluate the requests for use of and release of data. Individuals performing these actions are data stewards.